The Paris - Chinese Border
26 May 2010
  RenĂ© cruising at Meadows
  Camelback sunrise

setting moon

long shadows

valley of the sun
23 May 2010
  Pedals Round 2: Green Ringer Octave
This one is from General Guitar Gadgets. Hendrix supposedly used this octave on the All Along the Watchtower solo.
21 May 2010
  I already miss winter
A little reminder of the best season.
20 May 2010
  Emerson J. Marlette
My niece is about as cute as they come.
19 May 2010
  Building Some Guitar Pedals
The confidence boost PCB and kit from Build Your Own Clone. It works! I need practice soldering, for sure, but this was really fun to build and a good entry point. On to more advanced projects.
18 May 2010
  A Place to Begin Again
Well, the pitchfork topic has been bouncing around my analytical cranium for quite a while. The pursuit of this 'critiquing the critics' post has been somewhat fruitful, though not altogether engrossing. Hence I have abandoned any idea of a lengthy manifesto. My only concrete conclusion so far is that we all need to be on guard against (or at least aware of) people and organizations with large scale influence over culture and sub-culture, even if the influence is mostly positive and well deserved. Well, that, and the following 5 action items (subject to change and/or addition):

1) Read a wide variety of books, magazines, websites etc. for leads on new and old music, critical opinions, and knowledge of music history.
2) Go through a classical phase, and a jazz phase, and an Irish folk phase.
3) Revisit the music your parents listened to when you were growing up and the anthems that defined your youth and adolescence. Let your mind and heart remember who you were then and how important everything was.
4) Keep listening for that bit of music that stirs the deepest well of emotion in your heart and crank it! Maybe on headphones or in the car on your summer road trip. (possibly see item 3)
5) Let critics give you some ideas for new stuff, but never let the opinions of one or two sources dictate what you believe to be good and worthy of your attentive ears.

Ok. Peace out.
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