The Paris - Chinese Border
23 June 2010
  Pedals Round 3: Way Huge Red Llama Replica
Another one for the distortion pedal collection ... this one has some great, thick overdrive that can crunch in high gain, or push a clean tube to nice dirty lead tones in lower gain/high volume.
General Guitar Gadgets -link-
18 June 2010
  A Tribute To the Los Angeles Lakers
You are an excellent team
You have a winning tradition, which is respectable and admirable
You have Kobe and Pau and Phil 
You always have a sleeper hero: Derek Fisher, Robert Horry, Michael Cooper
You are so good that you coast through the season and dominate the playoffs
You have Jack Nicholson presiding among the celebrity elite
You have the highest ratio of grade A d-bags and plasticized fans in all of sports, though that's not your fault, technically (Show Time!)
You have said fans, that need chants other than "M-V-P!"
You also have many fair weather fans outside the Staples Center glam that will abandon you when the dynasty is over
You should lose the title next year. And everyone will rejoice... yeeeaaaay
You will be the varsity to the Trail Blazers J.V. for many years to come... boooooo
You are more polarizing and hate-able than the Yankees
15 June 2010
  The Shack: Interview with Paul Young
This is a beautiful story. Long but worth it.

The Shack: Interview with Paul Young from cornwallchurch on Vimeo.
11 June 2010
  World Cup 2010
it's on! FIFA

beautiful stadiums

legendary performances

insane fans

05 June 2010
  Follow Me Down To the Rose Parade
My backyard bathed in sun.
01 June 2010
  Thinking About: Barcelona
The Primavera Sound Festival just wrapped up, with an amazing line up of bands as usual. After bouncing around Europe for 6 weeks, Barcelona is one place I would definitely return to for an extended stay, in addition to more of Spain in general. Here are some special places that I hope to see again.
This guy was an amazing flamenco/classical guitar virtuoso. Probably just finished recording or giving advanced lessons somewhere. We don't get many of these on American streets. 

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