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13 September 2010
  Follow Up: Smashing Pumpkins Are Here To Stay
I revised my last post a few times as you may have noticed. Coherent statements are challenging for a halfwit like myself. But to follow up, here is a Twitter chain posted by Billy Corgan today. He seems to thrive on adversity, and yeah, Tweets can rally/rile up at the masses quickly when you have something to say. Interpret as you will, I'm just stoked he's fired up and hope it turns into a fantastic new record. Follow him here.

- You know those horror movies where there is the *thing* that won't die? That is SP. We a'int gonna make that mistake again. Hipsters beware! 

Hipsters and blog fascists beware because SP exposes that your game isn't real, integral, fair, or even about music. It is about YOU

Show me a band or a music artist with a problem and I will at least bow to them doing *some-thing* in this world, ego or not...

How did the world get so upside down that the people who write about music see themselves as more valuable than the artists themselves?

SP continues to expose the wires to the farce that is the mu-sick biz-ness...thank you to the radio stations that support us as independents

Thank you to the indie retailers who honor the long history of SP and our place in alternative culture. Don't you get it yet?

The Smashing Pumpkins are back. And we a'int going fucking anywhere but UP ha ha fucking hardy har har...what a beautiful day to LOVE+HONOR

Thank you thank you thank you to the Smashing Pumpkins fans who have stuck with us. We appreciate you! Gonna rock you Spokane!

I believe ALL should follow their HEART and do what they think best. If criticism is *it* for you, great.

But if you piss on my lawn I'm gonna tell you to get the hell off my lawn.The message hasn't changed since '87. We're in the makeithappenbiz

It's like, *news flash*, the circus has elephants+clowns+a guy in a top hat. SP is what it is + it a'int changing to match your death dream

- People change. People move on. People grow up (not me obviously!!). I'm happy. Love Love Love being in this band! I make no apology for us.
12 September 2010
  Thinking About: SP
The new lineup of Smashing Pumpkins played the Wonder Ballroom last night to a sellout crowd. I was not there ... a guy with a Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness tour shirt slowly disintegrating, wash after wash. How did this happen? How could a one time superfan let this one go? For what it's worth, here are some thoughts...

1. Much has been written regarding the Smashing Pumpkins moniker, whether this technically qualifies as a legit SP show. James, D'arcy and Jimmy are off living their own lives and making music of their own, not bending to the militant domination of their former band leader. Cheers to you guys, wherever you are. Though musically strong, the multiple revisions of the band haven't held a candle to the power and romance of the original line up.

2. If it was 1994 and they were touring on Siamese Dream, then yeah, I would be kicking myself a little harder. Even though the set list evidently leaned heavily toward new material, sort of disqualifying it as any sort of  'reunion' tour (e.g. Pavement), it still has the feel of one, even amongst my friends. The SP music that matters to us is the 90's SP.

3. On that note, it's a sad reality that the vitality of the 90's records will always cast a shadow over Corgan's later career. The guy has never stopped writing, for better or worse. Moments of sheer brilliance and talent often shine through the thick fog of his artistic output, nurturing his fans and holding his detractors in attention. The relevant moments are fewer and fewer as he ages, songs less compelling. And that's ok. It happens. But the hefty price tag for the show was easier to pass by this time.

In the end, this is really just a cathartic exercise. It could have been worth it just to see Corgan rip a few guitar solos. C'est la vie.
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