The Paris - Chinese Border
30 November 2007
  A Singing 9 Fruit Tree
The unique legend of the Danielson Famile has existed in my perifery since 1998... So there I was at my TOM Festival campsite, enjoying a respite from the unending barrage of crappy hardcore and punk bands, when this unclassifiable, cacophonous noise/music with bizarre mouse squeak vocals came streaming through the walls of the indoor stage. I was waiting for MxPx or some equivalent, just not ready to exert the energy to process this experimental Danielson novelty. A friend asked me later if I caught the show and I politely said I wasn't into it, which he responded with 'they were hilarious'. Later that year I saw the video for their song 'Rubbernecker' and sort of thought I got it, but that's about the end.

As time passed, this band that I assumed was an experiment gone awry, a one or possibly two album wonder, began receiving press in the most unlikely places, Spin, Village Voice, Pitchfork, etc. They were rising above the small Tooth & Nail records inbred scene and making a mark on the mainstream consciousness. It seems pretty typical for my life that interesting art is being made and musical boundaries are being pushed and it just passes me by as I stay home or stick with what I know. But it appears the filmmaker and the band knew some 'behind the scenes' would/could help people finally get it.

Anyway, I recommend this film if you've ever pondered the question of Christianity and music and art and how they fit together. Or if you've ever pondered building a tree and performing inside of it. Or if you want to join a musical family. Or if you like Sufjan Stevens. It's a great story and a quality doc. And Daniel's voice may grow on you.

Check the website, watch the trailer.
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